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You will have already been given your expected arrival time, either 7.45am or 11.00am.
Please let us know if you are going to be delayed or you are unable to attend.
Time to practice and complete your test @ 8.00am-11.00pm or 11.15am-2.00pm
Those customers taking more than one test will automatically be enrolled for the 8.00 and 11.00 slot
You will be greeted with a hot drink and biscuits in our training room. You will be
asked to complete our enrolment questionnaire and provide proof of identification in
either of the following: Drivers licence plastic card type - Passport – National insurance
card or CSCS card. (20 mins)
You will be taken through the basics of coding and the requirements.
You will be shown the criteria that the testing house are looking for when testing your welds
Producing a weld in the horizontal /flat or vertical up or overhead. What is the
difference and how will it impact on what you can safely weld.
You now decide which process you want to weld with. MIG/ARC. Plate thickness. 10 -12 -15mm
Material type. Consumable type and Position also joint type.
Please ensure you have your PPE with you.
You will be shown the controls of the welding machines and given help and guidance on
setting them correctly to achieve the best results. We recommend you try all the
machines to get an idea of how each runs slightly differently.
Use your own material you bought with you to practice and when you feel happy let the
trainer know and we will provide the test plates if you need them.
You may take as many tests as you need to achieve your codes.
You will be finishing at approx 11.30am or 3.30pm.
Hot and cold drinks will be made available throughout the day.
Successful candidates, your certificate will follow normally within 14 days. A further
copy is available upon request only available to the invoice payer
Good luck.

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