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Inoxitape 40mm x 5.0 mtr roll MHIT
Mandrel for use with 12mm bore discs 8mm spindle MH/S7
Afs strip and clean disc 100 x 13 x 6mm CSS/10013
Trizact disc 125mm interleaf IT red velcro backed
Time saving kit cibo TSK-03 brush finish of outside tube joints
Time saving kit cibo TSK-06 mirror polishing of outside tube joints
Trizact disc 125mm 237GR/A100/S133 velcro backed P100
Trizact disc 125mm 237GR/A45/S133 velcro backed P400
Trizact disc 75mm interleaf IT red velcro backed
PV569 Polishing soap black (Carbrax)
Trizact disc 115mm FX87/GR/80/S104 velcro backed P80
Finit-Easy unitised hard backed disc SAG5 125mm dia.  SAG/5/125
Trizact disc 75mm 237GR/A160/S007 velcro backed P120
Tex Very Fine A Lap mop 150x6 TM/AVF/1506
Trizact disc 125mm 237GR/A6/S133 velcro backed P2000
Trizact disc 125mm 237GR/A30/S133 velcro backed P800
Ceramic disc 125mm 777GR/A100/S133 velcro backed P100

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