ESAB 0700500076 Rogue ES 150i CE 240v

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The Rogue is a robust and durable power source for the professional welder
Digital control; ensuring a precise consistent arc.
The Rogue provides a smooth DC (Direct Current)
The Rogue canbe used with electrodes up to 4.0mm Ø.
The Rogue can easily perform TIG -welding using a “Lift TIG” start torch
 Superior Arc characteristics – Smooth, Stable performance.
 Generator Compliant – Suitable for use with generators (recommended 7 kW).
 Easy to Use – Set the welding current and weld with excellent result
 Practical Design - makes the power source easy to acrry
 Robust Design – IP23S Designed for Fabrication
 PFC ensures a stable arc, resistant to power fluctuations even while working on long extension
cables up to 100 m (PRO version only).
MMA Welding Output
150 A / 26.0 V at 25% Duty Cycle
97 A / 23.9 V at 60% Duty Cycle
75 A / 23.0 V at 100% Duty Cycle
Dimensions 403 x 153 x 264 mm
Weight 6.8 kg

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