ITW Miller 907717002 Dynasty 400-DX AC/DC TIG (GTAW) Power Source Only 400V

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The ITW Miller 907717002 Dynasty 400-DX is a 400V AC/DC TIG (GTAW) power source. It offers a choice of AC waveforms to suit different welding needs, including Advance Squarewave, Soft Squarewave, Sine wave, and Triangular wave. It features Blue Lightning™ High Frequency Arc Starter for reliable, non-contact arc initiation. The Auto-Line Power Management Technology allows for any input voltage hookup (210-575 V) without manual linking. It has AC and DC TIG features like extended AC balance and AC frequency controls. It also allows independent AC amperage control and TIG pulser control. The device is wireless remote control compatible and weighs 61 kg. It offers a TIG output of 400 A at 20% duty cycle, 350 A at 30% duty cycle, 300 A at 60% duty cycle, and 250 A at 100% duty cycle. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

Choice of AC waveforms to suit your job : 

Advance Squarewave provides a fast freezing puddle, deep penetration, and fast travel speeds. 

Soft Squarewave is used for a soft buttery arc with maximum puddle control and good wetting action. 

Sine wave is for customers that like a traditional arc. It is quiet with good wetting. 

Triangular wave reduces the heat input and is good on thin aluminum. It provides fast travel speeds. 

Blue Lightning™ - High Frequency Arc Starter 

For TIG non-contact arc initiation. Provides more consistent arc starts and greater reliability 

Compared to traditional HF arc starters. Easy to set up and increases productivity. 

Auto-Line Power Management Technology 

Allows for any input voltage hookup (210-575 V) with no manual linking, providing convenience in any 

In any job setting. Ideal solution for dirty or unreliable power. Multi voltage input 240/415 v 

AC and DC TIG Features 

Extended AC balance (30-99%) controls the amount of oxide cleaning (amperage time in EN) which is 

Essential for high quality welds on aluminum. 

AC frequency (20-250 hz) controls the width of the arc cone and the force of the arc. 

Increasing the AC Frequency provides a more focused arc with increased directional control. 

Independent AC Amperage Control 

Allows the EN and EP amperage values to be set independently. Adjusts the ratio of EN to 

EP amperage to precisely control heat input to the work and the electrode. EN amperage 

Controls the level of penetration, while EP amperage dramatically effects the arc cleaning 

Action along with the AC Balance control. 

AC and DC TIG pulser control 

Pulses per second (Hz): DC = 0.1 – 5000 PPS / AC = 0.1 – 500 PPS 

Optional feature 

Wireless Remote Control Compatible 

Improve productivity, eliminate clutter and cord tangles in the work area. Prevent cord failure 

And associated downtime/repair costs and extend the operator's welding range without adding 

Cable extentions 

Dimensions Weight 61 kg. H=629 w=349 d=559mm 

Welding Mode TIG output 

400 A 20% duty cycle 

350 A 30% duty cycle 

300 A 60% duty cycle 

250 A 100% duty cycle 

Miller True Blue 3 year warranty 

Power source is warranted for 3 years, parts and labor. 

Original main power rectifier parts are warranted for 5 years.

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