ESAB FS0700017210 S/S Gas Regulator Acetylene 1.5 Bar Side Entry Twin Gauge

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The ESAB 0700017210g Series Gas Regulator Acetylene 1.5 Bar Side Entry Twin Gauge is a high-quality regulator that uses a color combination on the gauge face for easy reading. It features a needle position, a scale, and a red tick mark to indicate the actual service pressure. The regulator is made with a high-strength zinc-aluminum bonnet, providing exceptional durability. It also has ergonomic color-coded knobs for gas type indication and comfortable gas pressure adjustment. The regulator fits all common cylinder valves and can be used with cylinders fitted with a protective cowling. It meets ISO 2503 standards and is date stamped for easy inspection and replacement.


G Series regulators use a combination of colours on the gauge face to provide clarity for reading 

Needle position, while a scale and red tick mark indicate actual service pressure of the regulator. 

A high- strength zinc aluminium bonnet nearly twice the yield strength of forged brass provides 

Exceptional durability, and ergonomic colour-coded knobs indicate gas type and offer improved comfort when adjusting gas pressure.  

Forged brass body with high strength zinc-aluminium bonnet. 

Long length stem fits all common cylinder valves and allows use with cylinders fitted  

With a protective cowling. 

Large, clear scale gauges with colour coded operational guidelines, and colour coded PA knobs for ease of use and clear identification of gas type 

Meets ISO 2503 

Date stamped for ease of inspection and replacement

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