Model Roto-Star 3 Welding Positioning Turntable

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Model Roto-Star 3  

Three-jaw chuck with reversable jaws 203mm (8") - Swing @ 0° (maximum) 508mm (20") 508mm (20")  

Vertical weight capacity 125kg  

Horizontal weight capacity 75kg  

Through spindle part capacity 63.5mm (2-½") -  

Spindle rotation 360°  

Spindle speed 0 - 8 RPM  

Angel adjustment* 0 - 90°  

Ground capacity 300A  

Optional rotary table 406mm (16") dia -  

Standard motor speed** 1 - 10 RPM  

Shipping weight 45kg 32.5kg  

Voltage 110v 0r 240v  

Optional items : 

RO570 Idler Roller Supports long stock for welding.  

RO510 Adjustable Armrest Ensures steadiness and accuracy of every weld.  

RO555 Purge Plug Enables machines to be filled with inert gas 

RO540A Variable Speed Foot Control Box Provides control of RPM speeds 2377 

RO540 on/off remote foot pedal 2385 

RO505 406mm (16")Surface Plate For welding large or irregular shaped materials.

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