Kemppi MTP33X Mastertig Series 5 panel membrane AC/DC (Push Button)

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Double Pulse
Double Pulse combines alternative pulse cycles for
30% faster welding speed and 20% reduced heat
input. Lowering distortion levels and weld costs,
Double Pulse is ideal for DC hand welding and
mechanized applications and offers superb weld
seam appearance.
Optima AC
Optima AC is a customized AC TIG waveform that
combines the best of the traditional sine and square
waveforms – and adds a touch of magic for the
optimal AC welding experience. Depending on the
application, you’re free to choose either sine,
square, or the quiet one: Optima AC.
MicroTack offers fast and accurate tacking with
minimum heat input in both DC and AC TIG welding.
Ideal for multiple, repetitive tacking on thin sheet
applications, where a consistent and controlled
appearance is paramount. MicroTack can be set
between 1 to 5 repeat pulse cycles or continuous
cycle mode. The welding current level is set
independently and the arc cycle time selected
between 1 to 200 ms.
iTEC is engineered ignition technology for reliable
arc starts. Particularly useful with long torch
extensions for site welding or precise thin materials
and low current applications, you can set the
variable spark force energy.
Auto Pulse
Easy and convenient, the only value to adjust is the
welding current itself. Auto Pulse is ideal for
applications in DC current.
Other features
All standard features you would expect to find on a good
TIG welding set are also part of this panel.
Pre/post gas
Slope in/out control
Frequency control AC
Balance control AC
Pulse control manual our auto
2T/4T trigger latching
Lift Arc / HF Start

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