CK Large diameter gas saver kit WP20 2.4mm Alumina cup D2GS332LD-A

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Save up to 40% of shield gas consumption
Provides better gas coverage versus standard collet bodies
Tungsten stick-out can be up to 6 times the electrode diameter
Less expensive replacement parts than standard gas lenses
Fits most standard silicone rubber insulated torch bodies
Heatshield (CK2HSGSLD)
2.4mm 3/32" Collet (CK2C332GS)
Collet Body (CK2CBGSLD)
2.4mm 3/32" Tungsten adapter (CKTAS332GSLD)
Large Diameter Alumina Cup (CK2A18GSLD) 28.6mm bore x 32.6mm length

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