Welders Gauntlet Glove Heat Resistant 14" Cuff Foil Backed

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High Heat Reflective Aluminized Back 95% Radiant Heat, Aluminized PFR Rayon, Split Deerskin, COMFOflex 

This 35 cm length glove has an inner cuff lined with a flame retardant fabric for extra safety. 

It is 4 ply Dupont Kevlar sewn for added durability. 

The outer shell reflects radiant heat 

The split deerskin layer offers convective heat resistance while the COMFOflex lining provides comfo 

The Aluminized back welding glove is designed for use in high radiant heat welding processes 

The Aluminized PFR Rayon is flame and heat resistant. 

It is treated with a double mirror aluminization process and can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat 

The palm side of the glove is made of thick, pliable and durable side split cowhide

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