ArcGen 300AVC diesel welder generator CC mode only

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300 amp super-silent engine driven welder
silenced 65db(a) at 7 metre single range welding control.
micro processor engine control saves 40% fuel
engine speed matches output. longer engine life.
output for mma welding 30 to 300 amps dc
280 amps at 50% duty cycle over a 10 minute period
auxiliary output available at same time as welding
auxiliary power 3 kw 110v ac 50hz
kubota d722 three cylinder water cooled diesel engine
fitted with automatic shutdown in the event of low oil
pressure and/or high water temperature and/or
charging circuit failure. thermal overloan on generator
machine supplied skid mounted 1.27 x .68 x .74 metre 300 kg dry
initial service after first 50 hours
then every 200 hours

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