Mechafin ME400W water cooled M8 MIG torch accessory kit in case

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Full spares kit in assorter case
Mechafin ME400 contact tip 0.8mm M8 57808 x10
Mechafin ME400 contact tip 1.0mm M8 57810 x10
Mechafin ME400 contact tip 1.2mm M8 57812 x10
Mechafin ME400 Liner retaining nut large nipple Mechafin 57099 x1
Mechafin ME400 nozzle long dip 14mm x 72mm 54006 x 1
Mechafin ME400 nozzle spray long 14mm x 82mm 54004 x1
Mechafin ME400 neck washer 57003 x1
Mechafin ME400W tip adaptor M8 54099 x 2

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