ESAB 48006040V0 Unitrode Ok 48.00 VacPac 7018 6.0mm x 450mm (16.8kg)

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A reliable, general purpose electrode for manual metal arc welding of carbon steels, carbon manganese steels and fine-grained carbon manganese steels with elevated yield strength. 

OK 48.00 deposits a tough, crack-resistant weld metal.  

The coating is of the low moisture absorption type. High welding speed in the vertical-up position 

OK 48.00 is insensitive to the composition of the base material within fairly wide limits.  

The electrode can be used for welding structures where difficult stress conditions cannot be avoided 

4 R approved 

Low diffusible hydrogen to reduce the risk for cold cracking 

Outstanding low moisture pick up 

High efficiency bringing productivity 

Extremely good weldability in vertical up position 

Exceptional weld appearance

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