Hypertherm Genuine 228788 Plasma Duramax Hrt 25ft Torch For Powermax 1000-1250-1650

HyperthermOur Code: 0343 Hypertherm's Code: 228788

This product is obsolete or not currently in production, please contact the office to check availability.
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  • Duramax retrofit torches use the torch connector designed for your system, which makes retrofitting easy.
  • Easy Torch Removal (ETR) connectors are standard for retrofit torches for Powermax1000/1250/1650 systems.
  • The fibre-reinforced torch handle is 5 times shockproof.
  • New spring strain relief design improves bend safety by 10 times
  • Spring Start electrode technology eliminates moving parts in the torch for more reliable arc starting.

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