Alfra Rotabest V32 32/25 Angular Drilling/Broach Machine 110V

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Core Drills: 12 - 32 mm Ø 

Cutting Depth: 25 mm 

Countersinking: 10 - 32 mm 

Technical Data:  

Input: 900 W 

1-speed gearbox: 450 rpm 

Tool Holder: 19 mm Weldon 

Cooling internal, automatically through the spindle   

Voltage: 230 V/110 V (upon request) 

Magnet Foot: 90 x 200 mm (rigid) 

Magnet adhesion: 12000 N 

Height: 227/185 mm Weight: 12,5 kg 

Power cord: 3,0 m 


Angular Drilling Machine Rotabest V 32 . Coolant unit with hose and nipple . Transport case. Safety

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